We at Lively Stones for Jesus Ministries, Inc. would like to provide you with an opportunity to help end suffering of a child. For a small monthly donation, you can help provide the resources a child need to have a home, food, love and obtain a great education in a Christian environment. At this critical time, the political unrest threatens to ruin the lives of many in Haiti. That is why it is so important that we provide the children of today with strong leadership skills for tomorrow. Lives can be changed and you can light the way for a child and the nation of Haiti. You can give a little bit of yourself by the way of a donation or sponsorship and show an impoverished child you care.

Along with basic academic education, they will learn the love of God, by example and through teaching. We exhort and encourage them to accept Jesus into their lives. The cost to sponsor a child is $20.00 per month per child on a 12 month basis.

Your time and consideration are greatly appreciated and we look forward to whatever support you can provide. If you are able to donate privately or corporately, your donations will be maximized for the betterment of a people.

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