I bring you salutations, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus, from the family of Lively Stones For Jesus Ministries, Inc. We extend a cordial welcome to those who’ve given up on traditional church services! Let’s face it. Many people aren’t active in church these days. We are designed to meet your needs and stir up the gift in you. We are a group of friendly, happy people who have discovered the joy of the Christian lifestyle. We believe in networking and fellowshipping in order to accomplish great exploits for the Kingdom of God. Join us in any of our services and you will find the Word of the Lord is rich; His anointing great, and the manifestation of His power is always present. We welcome you to share the blessings of God with us.


Making New
Making Great
Making Disciples of Jesus Christ


Our vision is to be a ministry founded on biblical principles. We are the voice enhance that encourage and comfort people while creating a radically, inclusive, just, and loving community. To reach the lost, see people saved, healed, empowered, set free, in serving God is our main goal. Encouraging everyone to continue growing, impacting lives, and giving glad tiding to the less fortunate. We will strive to be global, multicultural and highly trusted models of Christ, as well as, train leadership through the school of ministry.